My books

I love to share my know how via the books I write. My books show how you can build a project, decorate and furnish it. the books give many tips and tricks that help you to create your 1:12 dream. 

The books are illustrated with many photos. The work instructions for building or making the furniture and accessories are completed with lots of step by step photos. Besides, there are many photos to inspire you for building your lovely scene. Although the books are in Dutch language, readers from over 15 different countries bought them, read them and were inspired! They found the work instructions clear, due to the step by step photography.

I have written two books: ‘The Old Town Bookshop’ and ‘Variatie in Vintage’. You can order them via this website, or buy them at one of my dealers. If you buy both books in one order, you get a discount of €4.95!


The Old Town Bookshop

€ 19,95


This books demonstrates the buicomplete building, furnishing and decorating of a bookstore, illustrated with lots of photos! Read more

Jacominis Boek Variatie_in_Vintage_The_new_book_van_Jacomine_Mink-klein

Variatie in Vintage

€ 24,95


In this book, we build 8 Vintage shops. They are very similar in construction, but the decoration makes a huge difference. That is why it is ‘Variations on Vintage’! The shops are shown in 8 different chapters, with lots of photos, making it a nice book just to look pictures as well. Read more


Boeken combinatie

€44,90 € 39,95


Special price: if you order both books, you buy them at the special price of €39.95 (excl. postage costs). The discount is €4.95. Read more


De verzendkosten zijn € 3,95 en € 10,00 in Europa. De bovengenoemde prijzen zijn exclusief verzendkosten.